Oversize and heavy transport

Area of oversized and heavy transports is for us more than a decade everyday challenge. With the growth of industry and construction is also increasing the need for customers to carry larger, heavier and more complex machines and technology. On this task we strive to be more than ready and our fleet contains up to 10 different trailers which are able to transport goods from the least to the length of 40 meters, from the lightest to 79 tons weight. For more detailed information about our technology please click here.

Within the area of the oversized and heavy transport services offer:

  1. provides complete transport solutions services
    • choosing the right transport vehicle
    • help with the equipment for loading and unloading of goods with the participation of our partners
    • customs clearance
    • tracing ideal route for the size and weight of the goods
    • ensuring oversize permits in the SR and EU
    • secure route: hoisting cable, removing obstacles, temporary removal of traffic signs
    • static calculations bridges
  2. accompanying security vehicles
    • providing escorts for internal and external needs
    • security and coordination services to telecom companies, railways, police, power plants, etc.
Oversize and heavy transport