About us

The company operates in the market of international logistics since 1991. It has since developed into a modern and dynamic company, which reliably meet customer needs and still has the character of a family business. Our goal is to provide comprehensive logistics services in the areas of:

  • Freight
  • Forwarding
  • Transshipment

Good strategic location near major logistics centers in Senec gives us a competitive advantage particularly in the area of pricing and flexibility to respond to customer requirements.

Long-term experience has shaped the division of our company on the following strategic departments:

  • International transport
  • Regional transport
  • Oversized transport
  • Freight forwarding

Such a structure allows us to cover a wide range of needs of our current and future customers. At this stage of the logistics must be obvious modern and environmentally friendly fleet, so it regularly renews and virtually all of our vehicles meet emission standards Euro V and Euro VI. Our aim is, of course, cost optimization, which is why every vehicle technology, judging the driving style of the driver. The individual outputs are carefully checked and then proceed to the training of our drivers. Measures take us to ensure reduction of excessive wear on vehicle and environmental burden.

The result of all our actions is of high quality services in a precise delivery times.